SMART UNITS powered by StorageDefender!

Always Watching. Never Sleeping. Personalized.

To make your storage experience with us even better, and more secure than ever, we are now offering StorageDefender 24/7 Peace of Mind!
  • Want a vigilant eye monitoring your valuables?

  • Ever thought others might be using your recreational vehicles without your knowledge?

  • Do you have other people accessing your unit?

Give Yourself Added Peace of Mind!

Know Your Valuables are Secure

Watch Over Your Valuables 24/7

Reliably Detect Motion

Instant Motion Notifications

Real Time SMS & Escalation to Facility

StorageDefender offers More Peace of Mind!

What is StorageDefender? StorageDefender is a personal smart monitoring system designed to provide around the clock monitoring, while detecting all intrusions.
How does a Smart Unit work? Anytime there is human movement in your storage unit, the StorageDefender service will alert you via a text message that motion was noticed as well as a back-up contact if you choose.
This is a great way to: -give you Peace of Mind that your valuables are safe -monitor activity of your unit -deter burglaries
Will I get false alarms? No, the Smart system is designed to ONLY notice human movement & presence.
No App Required! No, you don't need to install another app. Computer knowledge is not necessary to use the service.
As Easy as Reading a Text! As long as you can read a text, this will work for you. It's that easy!
24/7 Robust Monitoring Made Affordable! Individual monitoring is included in your monthly storage unit rent.


Imagine visiting your storage unit... retrieve a needed item only to discover that your private rental space has been violated and intruded by a thief. Don't wait to discover that your standard storage unit has been burglarized! Take action! Choose a Smart Unit today!


If you are an existing tenant, ask our managers about converting your storage unit to a Smart Unit by adding StorageDefender.